Monthly Recap

BRB August 2017 Update

Yep, it’s nearly over. Summer, glorious summer, and, as I write this on the day of the solar eclipse, a monumental one at that. I am also listening to Chris Cornell whose death I continue to struggle with daily. His music keeps me grounded and connected to his legacy which is where I want to be. Reading has been a quiet but consistent endeavor this month. I read some good ones, including one kick ass memoir that could not help taking Book of the Month, This is the second Gay book I have chosen for Book of the Month. I may have one more book to add before the end of the month. I am currently reading The Trespasser by Tana French and I just may finish before August 31. We’ll see.

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On to the books… 

Falling by Jane Green. Emma and Dominic, what a fantastic couple, right. How convenient that she moves into his cottage-for-rent and he lives right next door, and is both hot and available. BRB Rating: Skip It.

Turbo Twenty-Three by Janet Evanovich. Turbo Twenty-Three starts off with Stephanie and Lula eerily discovering a dead body left in a stolen ice cream delivery truck. The unknown body was dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts before being frozen stiff. Stephanie goes undercover at the ice cream plant for Ranger who is hired to rework the company’s security. BRB Rating: Read It.

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. Publication Date: 2/7/17. Katie really wants to make it in London. She has a junior level job in branding and marketing at a prestigious firm, plenty of talent though no one seems to care, and a boss who is a nightmare on wheels. BRB Rating: Read It.

Hunger by Roxane Gay. AUGUST BOOK OF THE MONTH! Publication Date: 6/13/17. Gay has written a very compelling memoir of her body and what is like to live inside of it. After a horrific traumatic event suffered at the age of twelve which was relayed to no one, Gay recounts how she made the decision to build a fortress of flesh around herself so large that she could never be hurt again. BRB Rating: Read It.

The Stars in Our Eyes by Julie Klam. Publication Date: 7/18/17. Klam has written a funny, lighthearted book on why we lust after celebs and what it says about us culturally as well as individually. BRB Rating: Read It.

The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham. Publication Date: 7/11/17. What if you wanted something so badly, you would do anything to get it? Agatha only wants what to be a mother. Pregnant and single she idolizes a fellow pregnant mother from a distance, one whose very life she covets. BRB Rating Read It.

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