BRB on Snapchat




I am new to Snapchat but am finding it kinda fascinating.

I am working on a putting together a regular feature called BRB pre-reviews where I buzz about the books I am currently reading but haven’t yet finished. It’s a whole lot of me talking along with book cover shots if I can get them since I read a lot of digital galleys.

This is a new endeavor for me so if you happen to catch any of my snaps, please be kind. I am working to figure out the app in terms of angles, lighting and all the stuff I woefully know nothing about. I ask my thirteen year old for help, relatively often these days, but that comes at the price of relentless snickering and eye rolling. Hey, you do what you gotta do, right?

Anyway, if you Snapchat you can follow me at bemisreviews or feel free to scan my code.