I Love/Hate to Meditate


Nearly first thing every morning I aim for at least five minutes of meditation. Technically, I don’t think what I do can be considered true meditation but I don’t care. I suppose I could call it mindful breathing which seems more accurate. I simply breathe in and out slowly, focusing on my breath, drawing it out as long as possible. Sometimes I silently repeat a mantra either on the inhale or the exhale, or even both. If my mind starts to wander which it almost always does, I refocus on the sound of my breath.

Simple, efficient, effective and takes nearly no time at all.

So why is it often one of the hardest things I do in a day? Why are there days when I don’t do it at all because I let the chaos in too early and neglect to mentally prepare myself for the onslaught?

It is true that the simplest things are paradoxically the most difficult to execute. This certainly is the case for me with my meditation/mindful breathing practice. I have found that being in the habit, even if I am not always consistent, is the most important thing for me. I am not interested in guided imagery or apps such as Headspace. I am also uninterested in learning how to properly meditate according to the dictates of another entity.

I just want to be consistent with a practice that feels right for me and reap the rewards that come with it while staying open to the possibility of it evolving into so much more.