Stop Eating Stupid Shit

Image by Envision/Corbis

As I am writing this it’s still January. Here in America, we all know what this means. Time for weight loss resolutions and goals and a renewed vigor for getting it all done. This is the time of year people flock to gyms in droves and join Oprah endorsed Weight Watchers all in an attempt to shed the excess poundage. Any diet brand worth its “weight” will offer a highly processed line of cheap, coupon worthy crapola so you never have to learn that insidious, time-sucking chore of learning how and what to feed yourself.

Commercial, processed junk food will work against your health and long term weight loss and that includes the stuff that is portion controlled. Atkins, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and all the rest (I am a firm believer in naming names) count on you being their customer for life. Forget about the “reputable” brand names that you have come to know over a lifetime, endorsed by our favorite celebs. It is all still stupid shit and by this I mean highly processed, nutrient barren, junk shellacked with slick marketing terms used to sell, sell, sell.

Sure you can lose some weight but as long as you keep gaining it back, you will keep coming back to them and blaming yourself for the failing. Sounds like nothing more than a great business model to me.

Definition of insanity, anyone? But, we all know how easy it is for our emotions to be hijacked and exploited.

Why can’t it be simple?

Why can’t we just stop eating stupid shit?

Get back to basics. Cook real, unprocessed food regularly in our own kitchens. Treat food with the respect it deserves and the reverence it requires.

It’s simple but no longer easy.

We sold our souls to the God of convenience. It’s a slippery slope to get it back and it doesn’t happen overnight. Those of us on the journey know. Compromises must be made along the way. The more I learn, the more outraged I am about the literal hijacking of our food system. But, there are companies out there who do care about getting it right. Those are the ones we should seek out.

I recently joined a private online gluten free-grain free-sugar free cookbook author’s group. I am watching people cook their way through this book and I can feel their pride beaming off the page. Their creativity inspires me. Their kitchen tips make my own experience better. Anyone can do this. I am motivated to create better meals in my own kitchen and I wonder how I could ever have wished for a time when I didn’t have to cook a single one of my own meals.

But now I know better. I know optioning out of our meals is akin to giving our power away. And with it, our dreams of optimal health, maybe even our connection with ourselves.

Maybe we can start by not saying we don’t have time to prepare real food but instead figure out how to prioritize it in a way that works within our lifestyle. Changes and tweaking will naturally have to occur. Again, it’s a journey, not a destination.

Maybe it really is that simple. Maybe the tether we seek to this world is already in our hands.

Maybe all we have to do is hold on to it and not give it away.

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