vaxxed-dvd-3dTitle: Vaxxed

Director and Producer: Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree

There is Not a Single Person Alive who can Afford to Miss this Movie

Yeah, I am reviewing this movie and I can attest to the fact that I have watched it more than once.

I run a book review and blog site. I never review movies. I am making an exception here because this issue is so critical on so many levels that I can think of no other that trumps vaccine injury and the mandates that are attempting to be imposed on every man, woman, and child in the US. It is nothing short of medical tyranny and should scare the shit out of everyone.

On to the movie which should scare the shizzle out of us all.

Dr. Wakefield made this documentary in order to explain that CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson and his team purposefully hid critical data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. Dr. Thompson came forward and confessed to biologist Dr. Brian Hooker and via a legal loophole,  allowed him to share critical data with Dr. Hooker. Dr. Hooker in turn enlisted the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the very doctor who was credited with starting the “anti-vax movement”, a ludicrous and meaningless term designed to deflect attention from where it should have been all along.

The evidence is compelling, so compelling that if you classify yourself as a functional human being, you cannot deny it. The subject matter is shocking. What our own government has done to its people even more so. What they are doing to our children will guarantee our demise.

Think I am being overly dramatic? See the movie. Do not even speak to it until you do. Why should you care? There are too many reasons to list. Watch the movie!!!

Vaxxed is what I like to call, perhaps a little harshly to those who have been sleep walking through their lives, blindly thinking that our government has got our backs, idiot proof. Big tree has seen to that. Nothing will be lost on even the most clueless among us. It will not be lost either on those who don’t have as they say, skin in the game. However, I will argue that each and every one of us has skin in this particular game. If you are unable to follow where we are headed as a nation, you are in serious trouble.

Please, Please, Please Watch This Movie!!

BRB Rating: At the very least Watch It but better yet Own It!