What Have I Done For Me Lately?

Ahhhh January, the great month of change. After the bleary focus of the holiday season, emerging from my cave feels good. I have taken a long hiatus from reading, reviewing, and pretty much any writing at all due to the aforementioned holidays but mainly because of dealing with a close relative’s illness.

I am working my way back. Currently I am still reading Middlemarch, my long term reading commitment so no review yet in site. I am also reading Niall Williams, History of the Rain, a commitment of a different kind as I have struggled buying into this story thought the writing is eloquent. I will finish, I promise! Also, a fascinating book that has recently made its way into my queue entitled Infectious Madness is Harriet Washington’s exploration into mental disease causing pathogens. Finally, a perennial favorite, Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich promises to yield a hopefully lively conversation about re framing our thoughts and beliefs in order to attract what we want out of life.

On another note, I have taken on a January Whole 30. I am on day 25 so almost there.

It’s been an interesting month.